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Let's Play Chess!

With all of the violence and drama in the world today, including the world of sports, there is still a competitive game that resolves to remain calm.

That game is Chess! Chess has been around for centuries, and has been played by everyone from royalty to pauper. Adults and children, male or female, chess is the game that crosses all divides.

It doesn't make any difference where you are from, or how much education you have, playing chess can be a rewarding and fulfilling adventure, as you learn to engage an opponent with skillfully planned attacks, and defensive moves across the most non-violent battlefield on the planet: The chess board.

Learn From the Best!

Learn chess from one of the most dedicated chess trainers in the United States. Chris Goldthorpe has been a full time chess professional chess educator since 1997... Read more about Chris Goldthorpe

Our chess training techniques will help you understand your level of skill, and improve upon it exponentionally. We have well established protocols to help discover a student's precise weaknesses, and strengths, which allows us to tailor and develop the right program, and to help each student reach their maximum potential in the shortest amount of time.

The Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess Stimulates Brain Growth: Chess can challenge the brain enough to promote the growth of dendrites, which makes communication between neurons quicker.

Chess Encourages Creativity: One study showed that students who played chess once per week for 8 months, as opposed to students who took part in other activities, such as using the computer had a higher increase in creativity in all areas measured.

Chess Increases Problem Solving Skills: Playing a game of chess requires quick, solution oriented thinking, as your opponent will be constantly changing his or her strategy in an attempt to counter your moves.

Chess Develops Planning Abilities: Forward looking strategic planning is active when playing chess, sharpening ones the ability to think outside the box, and plan ahead.

Chess Improves Memory Optimization: Chess has complex rules of engagement that a player must remember. Also, when playing the game, a player must be able to recall previous moves, by both player and the opponent.

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