Chris Goldthorpe Chess Instructor

About Chris

Chris Goldthorpe has been producing top performing chess stars since 1997. He has appeared on national television, and has coached many national champions.

Chris founded several South Florida chess clubs, and has authored books on the subject of chess for scholastic instruction, classroom training, and self-study and evaluation.

His gift for teaching is evident during the first minutes you see him work with a new student, adult or child. People who have learned chess from Chris have improved their everyday thinking skills, work habits, time management, and school grades.

As a trained electronics engineer with a B.S.E.E. Chris Goldthope brings a mathematical perspective and precision to everthing he does, including teaching and playing the game of chess.

Chris Goldthorpe's gift for teaching began at an early age. While attending college Chris frequently tutored other students in math, and was the most requested tutor at his college, even above faculty, though he charge more money for his services.

In 1997 while at a kids chess tournament, Chris was approached to teach children he helped between rounds. People continued to request his services as a chess instructor, and he would draw crowds wherever he taught.

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