Mission Statement Chess Tutoring

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the presence of chess, and gaming education in math, and eduction in general, by showing how powerful and effective chess instruction is as a normal part of education, and to demonstrate to the academic world the educational and cultural value of chess as art, science, math, and sport.

We've witnessed first hand the affects that learning chess has on the people who have included it into their lives on a routine basis, and in most cases, the changes are phenomenal in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, cognition, mental acuity, verbal skills, logic, math skills and overall efficiency.

We believe chess should be more highly esteemed than Football, Baseball, or Poker in the world of sports, and in educational institutions, and recognized as a tool to sharpen ones mind and emotions. We also seek to cultivate real world Grandmasters of chess, and produce true world champions.

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